Fantasy Creature: The Centaur

This is my Final year Project at Teesside University where I did a fantasy creature, the Centaur. The character was designed to create a believable beast based on real human and animal anatomy and also some other aspects like personality or environment. The project includes concept art, high poly and low poly mesh, and the skeleton which is based on real anatomy. This is the showreel of the character done in Zbrush.




High Poly


Centaur HighPoly



Low Poly


Centaur Sheet

Centaur Wireframe

Centaur Back



Centaur 04

Centaur 05

Texture Maps Centaur

Centaur Concept Art







Centaur Skin to Skeleton 01

Centaur Skin to Skeleton 02

Centaur Skeleton 01

Centaur Skeleton 02

Centaur Skeleton 03



For more info related to this project go to this link